Monday, 28 April 2008


Thank-You Marcia for tagging me :) I have no idea what I am going to write for my 7 things..??


1. I love the Gilmore Girls (season 1-7)..actually, I havent bought season 7 yet, but I'm sure it is going to be my favourite :) I am completely obsessed with Lauren Graham's humour!!

2. I am you're like "what in the world does that mean?!"...this means that the end of my tongue is still attached to my bottom gum(the attaching 'tie' usually detaches at birth). i can't poke my tongue out of my mouth-this results in regular tormenting from my friends LOL

3. I really enjoy card making and craft of most sorts (except knitting and sewing, etc-I just have little patience for that), yet none of my friends are. My mum is also "into" papercrafts and this makes it a lot easier financially (for me that is)

4. ((I'm starting to run out of ideas!!)) I am a teenage girl, AND I actually enjoy mowing the lawn :) My younger brother-12-is envious of my ability to do, and i quote, "a man's job".

5. I am terrified of heights and humiliation-these often go hand in hand. For example, when I don't feel participating in something involving heights, humiliation often occurs because everyone else can't understand my sometimes exaggerated phobia

6. ((almost there)) I am a very sarcastic person, and although this comes across as being part of my personality (which it is), it is also a sign that I am either nervous, uncomfortable or angry.

7. ((I thought I'd never make it)) I am not a very controlling person, but tend to be quite anal with how things are organised. For example, the stereotypical teenagers room is covered in clothes, magazine, etc, etc, and is completely unorganised. My bedroom is always spotless, with my books lined up and everything perfectly organised. I'm not sure where I get this can work in my favour at times, but sometimes I agree that you have to just relax with being a bit messy and unorganised, and less uptight.

So now I guess I should tag some people. As I'm pretty new to the blogging world, I don't have many people I can tag. I will however give it a go...

I choose
Chelsey. N (
Rachel. S ( ,and
Angela. S (

I will comment you on your blog to remind you..just choose 7 things about yourselves and post them on your blog. :)


Rachel said...

Thanks for the tag! I did it- you're right, 7 facts is a lot! I love the Gilmore Girls too, cute show!

Chelsey said...

Thanks for teh tag Teg, i tagged you back on my blog