Saturday, 26 July 2008


Morning all!!

I thought about how I haven't had a round of the Gallery Comments thread on SCS for quite a while now, and decided to have a go since I have a bit of spare time this early Saturday morning. I went to a couple of galleries, left comments and then I accidentally pressed the wrong button and somehow made it onto another very talented ladies gallery. She had included alink to her blog and I decided to check it out. I now know why they say that we learn from our mistakes--I'm going to "accidentally" press the wrong button more often LOL. Her work was fresh and fun~~I spent quite a while browsing through her previous cards. So today my Daily Dazzler, although very unexpected, is....

**drum roll**

Jenny Erichsen @ Pinch of Paisley Designs <

I wish everybody a fantastic weekend break. Pop over to Jenny's blog sometime if you get the chance and say hi! I just can't understand why she has got close to no comments~~shock her and leave her a bunch!

Adios Amigas!!


Jenny Erichsen said...

WOW Tegan!! What can I say.. I am shocked beyond belief!!!!! This is the nicest thing anyone has done for me in the stampin world!!! I don't ever know how to repay you for this!! Thanks a bunch!!! Thanks a bunch!!! Thanks a bunch!!! If you email me you're address, I might just send you a card:)
Thanks again,

Sammi said...

Oh wow!! Great card! :) good one Tegan - I've had a brief look at Jenny's blog but I'm going back now to look more thoroughly!

Hope you have a fab weekend!!


daiseyfreak said...

love the colors and layout on this!

Elizabeth said...

So cute! Great colors!