Sunday, 21 September 2008

Bargain Shoes

I {heart} flats!!
I was out shopping with mum and my younger brother and we were just walking around Target when I came across these gorgeous ones!! And yes, I know that they look massive in size-that's because I have massive feet haha-a whopping SIZE 10! LOL But aren't they just adorable! They cost me just under $6!! WOAH!!! Hahaha, so if you live near Westpoint, you should definitely look in Target because there are heaps of shoes-including the winter boots-on sale. I saw a lady at check out buying 2 pairs of boots for just $6 each! Bargains galore I tell you :)


Dani Fender said...

Hey Tegan,

I am TOTALLY getting me down to Target!! Those shoes are so sweet. If it makes you feel better I fit a ladies size 9 when I was 9 years old!!! My feet never got any bigger though! Thank god!!

BTW I sent them on Monday! I sent 4 things at the same time and they have all arrived including one to SA! I soooo hope they didn't get lost in the mail! If you don't get them by Wednesday let me know and I'll make some more!! I'm SOOOOOO sorry!!!

D xoxo

Mandy said...

I was just at our Target tonight and here (in the US) they don't have those adorable flats! I totally need a pair - you wouldn't want to share yours? I'm size 10 too! Take care! - Mandy

A Latte Stampin said...

Thanks for the compliments...always need my head expanded. Love these shoe...I'm a fanatic shoes, shoes ,shoes!!!I get in touch later about that card(comments) Might have a surprise !!!! Sam