Thursday, 11 December 2008

Marcia's Ornament Swap

The very talented Marcia Pringle hosted a very unique swap, Australia wide, from the beginning of November. We were sent out some chipboard shapes and had to decorate them in whatever way we wanted to create 2 Christmas ornaments. Fun Fun Fun! We then all sent out 2 ornaments back to Marcia, who distributed them out. I'm not exactly sure whose ornaments I have received back, though they are all AMAHHHZZINGG!!!
Thank you thank you thank you!! :D


cathie said...

this is such a cool idea - hope you repeat it next year, I'd love to get involved.

Marcia P said...

Thanks for the mention Tegan. I can't remember who they are all from, I placed them in a bucket and dished from there! You did get one of mine though, which is the Merry Christmas one!

Have a great Christmas and New Years. I'll be over in Vic in the new year so keep the weather looking good on the east coast for me!

:) Marcia

Laura said...

these are very cute, neat idea!!!