Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Plugging Mandy

Mandy, honestly you are the sweetest lady!! Thank you so so sooooo much for the card-stunning, as always. I have run out of things to say about you, but am very happy to repeat them :)

-you're inspiring
-you're kind
-you're talented
-you're creative
-you have great taste
-you're supportive
...the list could go on (believe me!)
-&& you're the best cyberbloggingfriend anyone could ask for!

Here is the card...mind you don't dribble haha:

(omg, it's upside down ahahaha-I'm on my laptop and cbb to change it-sorry!)


Mandy said...

You are way to sweet! Thanks for the card and the wonderful shout out too! I am hoping to get back to posting this week. I have enjoyed the break with my family and hardly did any crafting. I am planning on posting the card you sent too - so be on the look out!
- Mandy

Mary said...

Very cute card (even upside down)!