Monday, 19 January 2009

Melissa's Colour Challenge

Firstly I would like to apologise for the blogging drought on this blog. I have no excuse, except reasons including laziness, camera troubles, lack of creative mojo, laziness, laziness, and oh did I mention laziness?? Hahaha. Enough said, here is the card I made the other day. I thought I had bought a packet of photo tabs/squares, but accidentally bought photo corners...not sure what I think of them on this card, but they give it a new look. What do you think?
I used the blue theme for this card to take part in Mel's challenge. The challenge was to use the beach as inspiration, and for me I used the colour of the sea. Thanks for the challenge Mel!

Have a good one :)


Marcia P said...

Love all the blue hues Tegan. They make this card. Monochramatic schemes can really make a card go WOW!

How's the holidays going?

:) Marcia

Jenny said...

I love the photo corners. It is unique! When you least expect it, people will using them on their cards. You started a new trend. Thanks for the comments om my stuff again!