Friday, 13 February 2009

Happy Valentine's Day <3

Happy Valentines Day everyone!! <3
So sorry that I haven't been posting much....well at all, lately. School is definitely back into full swing and I am just focusing on that. I've had some things to deal with personally also, and so that is still happening. Not a lot of motivation left for card making between school, being tired and life in general. Hopefully a card for Valentines Day makes up for it :) This one is for my best friend who was on an excursion today and will hopefully receive it in the mail on Monday or Tuesday next week. More of a joke than anything, but cards like this are fun to make.


Sammi said...

Oooh... this is absolutely stunning Tegan!! LOVE it! I bet your friend will be thrilled to receive it! :)
Happy Valentines Day for tomorrow!

Hope you get things sorted out!


The Mama Monkey said...

This is fabulous!! Your friend will surely love it!

Marcia P said...

Tegan, this is beautiful. The polka dot paper is a great contrast on the pinks and reds. Great card!

Hope all is well, look after yourself.

:) Marcia

Jenny said...

Love it Tegan! Sorry school is sucking the life out of you(same here). Glad to see ya posting again!

Sharlene said...

Hi Tegan, Great card! Sorry I haven't visited your blog for awhile. Hope everything with school and stuff gets a little better for you. Hey, how'd you get that 3rd column in your blog :o)

Sharlene said...

Thanks for the info Tegan! Now, I just need to get it all switched over :o)

Sparkly Pink Star said...

Wow! This card is stunning!! I am a sucker for pink love making cards with hearts and pink!! Loving the paper piercing :)