Thursday, 9 April 2009

SAB Merci & CASE

Hi all :)
During the day I found Hannah's blog via SCS in the forums, and saw this beautiful card alongside. This afternoon I felt a bit crafty and decided I would partially CASE it, because it was so darn pretty!! Here is my 'partial CASE'. Enjoy your Friday!
Hannah's Card

EDIT: Thanks to Wendy (: I worked out that I had not selected 'centre' during the upload stage. Thanks again for your help Wendy! Here's an almighty plug for your blog haha >>CLICK HERE<<


Wendy said...

I always align my pictures during the upload. I have no idea if this is helpful to you at all, but you never know!;)

Very pretty cards! :)

Stampin' Meg said...

Great cards!

Ann said...

I just looked at that card--great CASE! ;)

Sparkly Pink Star said...

You did a great it :)