Monday, 4 May 2009


Hi all, I just wanted to write a post today as I haven't been here, or on any of my 3 blogs, for quite a while now. School returned for Round 2...I mean Term 2 (LOL!) last Wednesday and I have had 2 MASSIVE assignments due since then. My major work for Community and Family Studies which is worth 25% of my final grade at school, and a 30% Modern History assignment on Albert Speer and Nazi Germany Foreign Policy. I must admit that if I had been able to do these 2 assignments in my own time, and just when I felt motivated to do them, I really could have enjoyed them; they are both subjects I am very much interested in, though year 12 is all about deadlines and I have to meet them, so not much enjoyment this time round unfortunately.

There has been a lot of things; mostly from the 'not so nice' category, happening in my life. My two closest friends have been dealing with enormously difficult events, and I hadn't been dealing with my own things prior to this either. I really am not coping, with school and with a couple of other issues which have taken their toll. Marcia, this is where I scream YOU ARE SO ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! You're email from a while back, seriously helps me. I remember a couple of your sentences from it, and it helps me get through the days/situations/conversations. I'm exhausted, no matter how much sleep I get.I'm telling you all of this as a heads up to understand that I have no motivation, along with a complete lack of time or energy or creativity to keep Swiftly Created, Design Dunk, and Woop de doo dah, moving along as steadily as they were before. It's just temporary, and the latter 2 blogs will probably tend to be updated more than this one. In the mean time, have a click down my list of favourite blogs over there>>> Despite my own irregular posting and commenting, I will continue to enjoy your blogs and creations nevertheless - you're ALL amazing, and I love seeing what you get up to, both in the world of craft, and in what seems like your 'CRAZY FUN and CREATIVE' lives!! I hope you are all well, and whoever of you lucky girls got to go to Convention, enjoyed it :)
Blog you later (I hope!);

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Marcia P @ The Stamp Spot said...

Hope things pick up for you soon Tegan. Remember, year 12 isn't the easiest of years so don't be too hard on yourself!

Chin up lovey, do the best you can!

{{hugs}} Marcia