Sunday, 29 November 2009

Season's Greetings

So I have finally began to focus on creating my Christmas cards for 2009. I'm trying to mix it up, as usual, with some traditional and some non-traditional colour combos, and a wide variety of textures, fibres, images, and layouts. I've been trying to be brave, putting colours together I wouldn't usually combine, and generally attempting to be more creative in my card-making than usual; using fabric scraps and wool instead of cotton/satin ribbons that are made for card-making; embossing the plastic sheet that stickers are stuck on when you buy them, using my BigKick machine (you can see this in my last card - over the lilac CS is a clear layer embossed using my Perfectly Paisley folder - click on the image to see it more clearly).
How are you creating your Christmas cards for 2009? A few designs in bulk, or mixing it up like me? I'd love to hear from you; drop me a comment :)


Sammi said...

whoo hoo! She blogs again! Hope you are doing well!!
These cards are AWESOME Tegz! Love them!!
I'm mixing it up like you... bu t a bit slower. lol! might have to CASE some of your ideas!!

Marcia said...

Wahoo, she's back! Great cards Tegan ... .can I say this, since looking at your first cards and these cards, man you have got so good at stamping and card making! I love your clean style, it's very fresh.

Anyway, I was trying to make all different cards, but given it is the 1st in a few days I am running out of time in a bad way so will probably go to two or three designs.

Keep well!

C.C. said...

Beautiful cards! I love the christmas tree one!