Monday, 28 December 2009

Art Journal

Yep, you read the title correctly - I am creating an ART JOURNAL!!


Basically I created each page using about 6 sheets of newspaper to whatever size I chose (or paper catalogues from Bunnings, Clive Peters, etc - we had no newspapers haha!). Paint the first sheet in PVA glue, then lay the 2nd sheet over the top, and repeat until the thickness is to what you are happy with. Paint, decorate, and adhere photos with PVA glue(acid free, of course!).

I hope you enjoy perusing the following images of my first few Art Journal pages - it's going to be a bit of a random journal, with photos from various years and events, etc.

Also, I know I didn't get around to blogging before Christmas, but I hope you all had a very merry Christmas are having some happy holidays :)

{click Art Journal pages for bigger image}


Anonymous said...

Hi Tegan!
Found your blog through Ruby! I love the way you've created your pages for your art journal. I love art journaling! You've done a great job so far, so don't give up!
Will you be binding the pages later, or keep them loose in a box or something?
Take it easy and Happy New Year!

Ruby Claire said...

Ooohh i just LOVE your AJ pages Tegan! They're gorgeous!!
happy New Year also!! :D
Ohh and masking tape works- normal tape is just too sticky. Masking tape is mainly made so it can be ripped up again e.g painting walls etc so it's the best thing to use. (:
Hope that helps!

Ruby Claire said...

I love answering questions tegan!! Ask any time.!! :)
Gesso is practically the same as white paint. seriously. it helps your paint not sink in to your page, it creates a layer that the paint will be able to really show up on. Honestly it isn't that noticable but I really like working with it. The artist' brand "Matisse' is probably the most expensive. For 500mL you are looking at $10-15. The cheapest I've seen it is at Spotlight..
Hope that helps! Seriously, you dont have to jump in and buy gesso straight away- white paint is just perfect. Let me know if you want some youtubers Art Journal Links. There are some awesome challenges and tutorials starting up atm!!

Gina said...

Wow this looks like an amazing project. I love all the pages, but the reef ones are great!