Sunday, 13 December 2009

Etsy Store

Guess what?! (Okay, maybe the title was a bit of a giveaway haha) I CREATED AN ETSY STORE :D
You can find it here:

It would be great if you could pay me a visit over on Etsy, and even drop a line - tell me what you think of my first (and currently, the only) listing :) And maybe, even make a purchase haha. If I sell, I will list more - don't want to get too ahead of myself now.

Oh, and while you're there, pay a visit to my good friend Ruby, here. She has an AMAZING Etsy store, which is slowly proving quite successful!!

And if you have an Etsy store of your own, link me please! I'd love to check out your items, and I love to shop haha :)


Sammi said...

Hey! Awesome.... I will go and add you now... I've just been adding a few cards to my shop (which I only started in Oct)

Ruby said...

EPIC congrats T! Thanks for mentioning me too. (: x
You should put like 5 up there, get some variety for peoples. ;) :) I'm sure you'll do well with it!

Tegan said...

Thanks girls :)

I've listed 4 cards now. *fingers crossed*

Love what you both have in your shops btw!!

Jacqueline (Scraps of Life) said...

Yay for joining Etsy! I'm on there too but haven't been too active in promoting myself. I'll have to link to you though! Maybe we can help each other :D Good luck with your store!