Sunday, 17 January 2010

Art Journal

Surprise, surprise! Another art journal page haha. Sorry ladies, I've not been in the card-making/scrapbooking mood lately, so I've just been going with the painting mojo. Hopefully I'll be back into it soon. Anyway, here's a page I created last night. I sketched the Frangipanni-style flower with pencil, and then painted it roughly with white, then yellow, then fuschia paint. A fav song of mine is 'Everybody Needs Someone Sometime' by Jewel, so the lyrics of that are written across the page, with the repeated line/title in black, with the little paper squares with printed letters for the title.

Hope you like it! Enjoy your weekend :)
{Oh, and sorry for the poor lighting in the 1st image - I took it last night under my desk lamp so you could see the page without the lyrics.}


Sammi said...

no need to apologise to anyone for not creating cards etc!!! :D
Loving your jounal pages!! I love frangipanis

Anonymous said...

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