Saturday, 9 August 2008

First post in a kazillion years!!!

I have been tied up with so much stuff with school and then the resulting tiredness. I am accelerated into a year 12 subject while I am currently studying all of my other subjects in year 11. This means I have my HSC exam for just one subject (earth & enviro science) and this also means trials are coming up--22nd of August to be exact. 3 other assessment tasks are currently making my generally neat, tidy and organised desk look messy and completely out of order!! Not happy Jan :( Anyways, enough of the whinging..Let’s get down to business. I have only had two commenter’s on my challenge this week; I hope to have a few more soon. I'll keep it running for the mean time because I know how hectic life can be-and believe me, it aint stopping for anyone!! Aahh I feel frazzled!!! (Whinging has become an involuntary thing for me!)

I have been meaning to post some photos of my recent arrivals in the mail. Dragana and myself held a simple card swap between our home countries of Canada and Australia respectively. WOOH!! GO AUSTRALIA!! :D Her cards are pictured below...they are the 2 cards with brown bases and the snowy Christmas design.

I have received a card from Jenny as a thank you for featuring her blog in my Daily Dazzler section of my blog. She has entered that particular card to be pictured for publication at the moment, so whenever I get the heads up from her, I will post a photo of her card too~~it is absolutely stunning!! Very pretty Jen-thanks so much :)

These photos are of a swap I did with a very talented lady from Canberra, Australia. Her name is Patrice. She doesn't have a blog; but you can still drool over her creative works below...the box of cards, the card set and the purple vertical card.

Also, Mandy sent me a gorgeous card just for leaving a comment on her blog~~how sweet is that!! Thanks Mandy!! Her card is also pictured below....the blue-themed "Bride to be" card.

That's all for today...hopefully I'll be back again over the weekend if i get a chance to take part in some challenges~~Marica's and Mel's. Ta :) Thanks for looking!


GinaP said...

OMG, that's a ton of stuff!! They're all so great, but I gotta say I just LOOOOOVE those owls!!! Too cute! Everything is really nice. I'm glad you got to post!

Anonymous said...

I forgot about your challenge but I'm going to try to get it done today. It is a great sketch. Thanks for posting it. I have a challenge with a prize posted on my blog.

Marie said...

Love the owls! Did you actually sew the cards on a sewing machine? I'm inspired. I think I'm going to have to try that! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'll definately be back soon! - Marie

Heather said...

Wow - that's a lot of cards! I love the cards with the owls on it! I like their bright colours!

Lorraine said...

love all the cards. the owls are especially cute. tfs