Sunday, 3 August 2008


So here we are for another Swiftly Created Blog Challenge. This week I have decided not to choose my favourites, because firstly it would just be too hard-they were all so awesome!!!
This weeks challenge is going to be a little different to my past ones. I have decided to hold a layout/sketch challenge. My samples for the challenge are in the post below~~I posted them last night and didn't have time to post the challenge...SORRY!!
Goodluck with the challenge-any questions, just comment this post or send me an email :)


Anonymous said...

Great sketch Tegan, will see what I can do with it. I have just set my challenge up for the week and will post it on Tuesday.

Be back some time during the week with a card for you!

:) Marcia

Anonymous said...

Hi Tegan,

done, it's up on my blog

:) Marcia

Dragana Skoro said...

I'll try to play today... :-) Sounds good in your head???? Your head seems to be a rather strange place... :-)

Sammi said...

Ok so I've one it... phew :)

It's a great sketch! Thanks :)

Mandy said...

Sorry it's so late. I had fun with this one. Glad you got the card! Take care. - Mandy

Stacey Schafer said...

Great sketch! Do you offer these weekly? TFS!