Monday, 18 August 2008

So Busy!

I'm very busy with school at the moment-trial HSC exam and then yearly exams and a whole bunch of other assignments and assessment tasks as well as the odd spot of general class catch up and homework~~I'M DRAINED!!! LOL
So, just letting you know that if you comment past posts, I will definitely come and visit your blog straight away but as I wont be making many cards for the next month or two or probably three (hahaha-not so funny actually), I wont have much to post.
Thanks for understanding :)


Sammi said...

Hey Tegan,

hope all the exams etc go well!! I hope that you also get a bit of time to do some relaxing in with all that schoolwork!!

Thinking of you!

Ruth said...

Hi Tegan,

Thanks for visiting my blog. God luck on your exams.


Anonymous said...

Best of luck Tegan, been there and know how stressful it can be. Make sure you get heaps of rest.

Take care and look forward to seeing you back soon!

:) Marcia

Tegan said...

Thanks everyone! It really means a lot and I shall keep your ideas of what you refer to as being "relaxing" and "resting" in mind--though you might have to explain the concept of those ideas to me again :P
Thanks for being so understanding.

Suzanne said...

hope your exams go well. Enjoy reading your blog.


Mel Hanlon said...


Best of luck, I am sure you will go great! Cant wait to hear how you went!

Love Mel H

chelemom said...

Good luck on your exams! What are you going to school for? (Just being nosy!)

Mandy said...

Tegan -
What is a girl supposed to do without your challenges? I guess I will have to start one myself! Hope things are going well. Be sure to leave a note to let us all know you are surviving! Thanks for the sidebar add!
- Mandy

Shannon said...

It's all good! We've all been there.