Saturday, 16 May 2009

Calling Movie Gurus: Help Needed

Hi all!
I hope you are all enjoying your weekend - it sure has been a windy one out in Sydney today! But the sunshine is warm if you're game to step outside :)

I'll get straight to it. I have a Community & Family Studies assessment task coming up very soon, and our current topic is 'Groups in Context'. It's essentially based around a number of different groups of people in society. For example, we have studied: The Aged, The Chronically Ill, Youth, The Homeless, Sole Parents, etc.

My assignment asks for me to watch 2 movies which relate to different groups. I then must type up a report based around the groups I focus on, using the 2 movies as examples to draw on throughout.
Please leave a comment with some movie ideas that focus on a group/groups in society.
(e.g. 'I am Sam' - The Chronically Ill and Sole Parents)
Thanks so much in advance! I really really do need your help :) I'm el' desperato haha!


Marcia P @ The Stamp Spot said...

Maybe these might help:

Chronically Ill: Philadelphia, The Notebook, My Sisters Keeper

Youth: The Breakfast Club

Homeless: Not sure if this qualifies, but what about the doco on The Choir of Hardknocks (ABC)

:) Marcia

Wendy said...

Here are some movies that I can think of just off the top of my head:

Fisher king
Kinky Boots
The Long Walk Home
My Girl

I don't know if these help. Good luck w/ your project either way. :)