Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Let me say that again (cos it was fun haha)... Ruby is AWESOMEEE!

Yep, that girl could be made the Minister for Creativity ANYwhere! I am terrible with explaining things, so I'll post some excerpts of the emails we have sent back and forth to each other. Just click on the image above so that it is readable.

We want a name for this 'thing' that we are just beginning. Email me your ideas at, or leave a comment here. We'd GREATLY appreciate it, because for the life of us... we cannot seem to think of a name ourselves >.<

Think, pen pals gone creativity craaaazy :)
{EDIT: I'm keeping this @ the top for a few days.. PLEASEEE help us :) }


Sammi said...

How lovely... sounds like a fun idea!!
mm.. I'll think about a name a bit and email you if I have any inspiration!

Ruby said...

Aww yeah. We so awesome!! hehe.
Thanks for the comments gurly. I'll do a post when I get it!
omg. Just realised. I am going to be away ALL next week.. So i won't get it until like..... FRIDAY! :O I know right. Well I'll do my post then- with pictures! :Dyipppeeee!

Ruby said...

I got it. I love it- alot. I am making a reply now. sssshhhh ;)