Thursday, 6 August 2009

Taskify It!

Can't be too long. Just a super quick post to reveal Ruby and my 'The Thing'...LOL! Okay, so that made no sense whatsoever. Take 2. See the post below to make sense of this.

Here are some photos of my first mail package ATC thing to Ruby a couple of weeks ago. I understand (as I'm sure as she does for me) that she is waaaaaaay busy at the moment, and so everything fun, creative, and blog-related goes on hold in those times. School sounds hectic for her, with her desk full of assignments and homework - school being her priority, which is fab to hear! Despite the 'ugh' feeling I get with it ahaha. Anyway, enough chit chat.. here are the pics (considering she has already received it). Have a glorious Friday :)

1 comment:

Marcia P said...

Looks like the'thing' is fun and thats a good 'thing' coz we all need some fun 'things' in our life.

Have a great weekend Tegan

x Marcia