Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Fabulous Flowers Journal and Card set

It was my best friend's 19th birthday at the end of October, but I didn't manage to get her present or card together properly until now. Here is the journal I jazzed up, and the card I made for her using the Fabulous Flowers stamp set from Stampin' Up!. I bought the chocolate journal off Etsy from JR Crown (it only cost me $3!). Uni has been hectic, and I have only just finished exams for the year. I can't believe that my entire first year of university has already come to an end. What I also cannot believe is that my last post on this blog was back in JANUARY this year!! That's madness!! Anyway, hopefully I am around on the odd occasion over my time off uni because gee have I missed you guys and my card-making. I've decided to take up Summer School which is running for six weeks beginning in January, so I have a good time off now, then some study, then a good time off before uni goes back for good.

How has everyone been? What's been happening? What have I missed since the 26th of January? Tell me...tell me alllllllllllll :) Hahaha!


Sammi said...

oooh.. yipee!! You blogged! have been wondering how you are going!! Sounds like you've been busy!
gorgeous card - your friend will LOVE it!
I hope you do manage to get some more crafting and blogging done now uni is done! good job getting thru first year!

It's Jenn! said...

Beautiful! I wish I could fussy cut that nicely. I love your color choices and all the texture too. It feels so weird to see summer school in January. Is it warm there in Australia? If so.....I'm on my way, lol! I live in the warmer state of Florida, but boy, I didn't know it could get so cold here!

Jackie said...

This turned out great & I love that big flower! Very nice work & tfs!!!

The Mama Monkey said...

Your friend is going to LOVE this! Great color palette!

Tina said...

Very cool, love the hot pink and brown combo!