Saturday, 2 August 2008


I thought I would try something different(not really that dramatic, but kinda different) today and make some cards that open vertically. I made a thank-you card for one of my bestfriends who helped me through a rough patch recently and another for a good friend who is turning 18-she is a foreign exchange student from Brazil and will return home sometime in January next year.
I must get to bed ASAP because I am off to watch my brother play soccer down at Nowra tomorrow morning~~we are leaving at a ridiculous 6.30am!!!! For those who don't know; Nowra is at least 2 hours from where I live. had better be a good game :)

Oh, and before I go...I'd like to add that OMG I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT MY AMAZING PHOTOS!!! (sorry about the lack of modesty, but I have had a fair bit of trouble getting good shots).

If you want to know about the paper, ink, chalks, accessories, techniques, stamps or anything I have used, just leave a comment here and I'll get back to you ASAP-when/if I make it back home LOL.



Sammi said...

Awesome cards Tegan!! Good idea to make them open vertically!
I bet your friends will love them! :)

the photos are good - well done!!

Have a nice trip to Nowra tomorrow!! (not too far from one of my favourite places - Berri)! Good luck to your brother - hope they win!


Sammi said...

and I meant to say that I love the sparkly 18 ... and the paper piercing on the second one - how did you get it so even???

Carmen said...

Great cards! I love your name I have never heard of Tegan. Nice blog and greetings from Texas. Is it hot where you live? We are having a cold front----the temp is still in the 90's which we appreciate. Last week we had 108!!

Cris A said...

Great cards! I also love the sparkle!

Lynn said...

Cute Cards!

jenn d said...

What a great layout! Both of your cards are so pretty.

Melissa said...

Great cards!

I usually take my pictures outside in natural light, My camera always shows up dark inside.

Mary said...

Love the chipboard! My mom just purchased the new SU big shot so I'm looking forward to using chipboard much more often!